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  • The World of Social Media

    03 août 2017

    The World of Social Media In todays society, the American life is constantly being affected by media. One of the largest and most impactful avenues for media is through social media. Many individuals have Facebook accounts they typically check at least...

  • Billions Use Facebook News

    02 juillet 2017

    Facebook News invites and serves billions of people from around the globe to get the biggest news stories from around the world on time and accurately. Everyday Facebook News brings their subscribers up to date with the latest news in politics, sports,...

  • Why is Facebook News so Popular?

    01 septembre 2017

    So many people now use Facebook for so many things they did not use it for just a year or two back. Getting news on Facebook, for instance, is a very popular thing to do nowadays, but why has that happened? What is it about Facebook news that makes it...