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Facebook News

Why is Facebook News so Popular?

So many people now use Facebook for so many things they did not use it for just a year or two back. Getting news on Facebook, for instance, is a very popular thing to do nowadays, but why has that happened? What is it about Facebook news that makes it so appealing?


Facebook news is always updated -- You can often find the most up to date news on Facebook just be reading new articles that pop up in your feed.


News about things you knew nothing about -- While a lot of news on Facebook is tailored to you and your interests, you will often see Facebook news pop up in your feed after a friend posts it.


This can be a great way of being exposed to information you may not normally read, as well as get to know more about who your friends really are from what they are interested in.


Facebook news is interesting -- A lot of news sites are not particularly interesting as they are full of news that is dry and boring.


The way Facebook news is set up, many of the articles that will appear in your feed are interesting as they are targeted towards things you already like.


This can be a great way to have access to news that you are going to find relevant and allow you to not waste time on news from sites that is not.


Facebook news is funny -- Due to the way people you know can tag you with Facebook news, you will often find you get to see stories that are funny.


This is because they are stories your friends like and laugh at, and stories they think you would really enjoy if you only knew where to find them.