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Facebook News

Billions Use Facebook News

Facebook News invites and serves billions of people from around the globe to get the biggest news stories from around the world on time and accurately. Everyday Facebook News brings their subscribers up to date with the latest news in politics, sports, entertainment, food, travel and general information from all over.



Factual News


It's factual, timely and interesting. In the news feed there will be articles that interest everyone from every walk of life. Did a favorite ride get stuck at a major theme park? What happened with a favorite sports team or athlete?




The average Facebook user can access the news quickly and without the shadowing thoughts of a news anchor. This makes it convenient and hassle free for anyone who just wants the news without the interference of other peoples' opinions.


Entertaining News


News on the go for a new generation of information seekers. From silly stories that entertain, to stories about entertainers that have passed it's all here, on a phone, tablet or reader anyone can find what they need to know within seconds.


Serious News


With all the serious events going on in the world, it's important to have the information needed to get through the day. Everyday billions of people from around the world travel it's important to have the right information about safety in the areas of travel. Facebook News provides that and so much more for their users. It's fast, it's friendly and most importantly correct.


Facebook News


Facebook News is and will continue to be the new news authority, authentic, entertaining, and above all else - factual.


Hack Facebook


There are many sites that claim to be able to hack facebook passwords. Be careful as they might not be legitimate. Please note that is is very unlikely to be able to directly hack facebook as their security systems are the best in the market. They rely heavily on protecting their members data so are not going to let people easily hack it.